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About Madame


 Welcome to the birth place of Madame Lure!  We know that you have come here out of passion for one man's greatest pastimes, fishing. Only a true fisherman knows the desire to fish is in the blood. It's a lifestyle. no one understands that better than the Madame Lure team.

Madame's team decided to make lures that were different from other lures on the market and began to develop lures that fit their style of fishing. Madame's unique product designs combine crucial elements that can't be found in other lures: durability, powerful action, and breath-taking custom color patterns.  Madame's design team is spearheaded by an Aeronautical Engineer and a Marine Ecologist.

The first mission was to study the characteristics of bait fish and the feeding ecology of different predatory fish, and uncover the secret of the fish's instinct to bite. The result is that Madame combined thousands of possible designs into a few lures that broadly represent prey species that any predatory fish in any body of water would recognize. 

We are excited to have you be a part of the Madame Lure team.  Our lures are customized to match any fishing conditions.  Feel free  to email us with any questions, comments, or color ideas/requests and we will be happy to oblige!  A lot of our custom color patterns were created by our loyal customers!  Good luck out there, and send us the pictures!


-Madame Lure