Welcome to the Fish Seductress!
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We figured you'd come this far! We never go look at a fishing site without looking through every single fish photo. Please sift through real quick and see just a few photos of our Madame Creatures, Grubs, and Big Richards at work! Note all these lures flush right up with large lead heads so no fish is too deep to catch!

Our business is in it's infantile stages, but we have many ideas that have come to fruition and are in their final production stages. As these lures come available to purchase we will continue to flood our website with proof of their quality. We have photo proof of over 50 game fish species on the Dine alone, just in testing phases! If you are the first to send us a photo of a trophy species on one of our lures that we have not listed yet on the website we will send you a special treat! Please Enjoy!