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The Chub Grub

$ 7.00

The 9-Inch Chub Grub fits flush with 12, 16 and 24oz Lead Heads. NOTE: Due to our injection molding process, each two toned grub comes out with a unique blend of the two base colors, giving these lures a nice hand made look.

At an unraveled length of 13-inches, this is one of the biggest soft plastic lures on the market. Though it may look similar, the tail of the Madame Grub has been specifically tailed to swim at any speed, and with any hardness of plastic. That allows us to make grubs out of the hardest plastic possible so you can keep landing toothy fish without having to switch baits.

The Madame Lure team has spent years fishing these lures in the deep waters between California and Alaska and it has taught us one thing: If you're tired of catching small fish and want to start catching your personal best cast after cast, SEND DOWN THIS GRUB!.

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