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The Swimbait

$ 6.00
Are you looking to catch Guppies, Trophies, or World Records?

It's a swimbait. Everybody's got a swimbait. Ours is better. Try it. It works. 

Swimbaits work because they mimic frantic fish motion and cause an instinctual reaction for predators to attack. The Madame Swimbait has an extra large tail to create a large, pronounced vibration at a greater range of speeds than those of competitors. This allows for full action at all retrieval speeds and jigging/bouncing methods, as well as greater appeal to those hungrier trophies lurking deeper down.


NOTE! Our 8.5 inch version of the bait is slightly elongated in proportion to the smaller versions to maintain the perfect swimming motion. Photos of the color schemes may be either a 5.5" or 8.5" bait, just depending on which photo was used on the website!

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